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scandal involving david patraeus. some members of congress demanding answers into the f.b.i. investigation. >> local events over the weekend honoring our veterans. we will look at some ceremonies taking place today. >> the buffalo bills tackling a
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beg problem off the field. why a man claiming to be one of the team's biggest fans sis suing over text messages. "good morning, washington" at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> good morning, it is monday morning november 12. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm cynne' rise and shine. we will go to meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> what a beautiful weekend and things are kicking off the workweek nicely but we've big changes later on a little bit of patchy fog this morning. otherwise expect sunshine but the clouds will be on the increase especially this afternoon. rain is in the forecast by tonight seeing some showers. that will linger in to tomorrow morning. we are waking up to pretty decent temperatures. 50 reagan national 49 dulles, 43 in manassas and culpeper and
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51 in fredericksburg. today partly cloudy and partly sunny and mild at noon. mostly cloudy by 5:00. high around 67 to 68 degrees this evening before the big drop. we will tell you about the drop with the seven-day but first we have the traffic report. we will start with a look at 395 and duke street in between the cameras an accident southbound on 395 toward duke street on the right side. very light volume of traffic so far on this veterans day. and because it is veterans day no h.o.v. restrictions. american legion bridge moving nicely right now. no problems there. we will look at springfield and see a lighter than normal volume northbound northbound. h.o.v.'s open to all because of
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the holiday. metrorail saturday service, reduced service on metro bus and no v.r.e. or marc rail. >> it is 5:03 and the scandal continues to involve former c.i.a. doctor david patraeus. a lot of questions surrounding his sudden resignation. a family friend is also involved in the investigation that led to the revelation. we have a report from capitol hill. lawmakers demanding answers. >> new information about human of this came to light but still a lot of questions coming here from members of capitol hill who say they want to know why they didn't know more sooner. new information and questions this morning surrounding the resignation of david patraeus. patraeus was the c.i.a. director and resigned after saying he had an affair reportedly with his
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biographer paula broadwell. new information shows the f.b.i. had been looking into broadwell for allegedly sending threatening e-mails to a family friend of patraeus. >> the initial complaint was harassment. it could have gone to e-mail hacking but there was no substantive information that this had anything to do with national security. >> it wasn't until last week the white house was made aware of the situation. some lawmakers say they should have known about the probe. >> it doesn't add up that the f.b.i. would be carrying on this type of investigation without bringing it to the president or highest levels of the white house. >> the senate intelligence committee chairwoman says she plans to investigate the f.b.i. >> this is something that could have had a effect on national security i think we should have been told. >> this comes at the same time that those meetings had been scheduled on capitol to ask
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questions about the attack in libya. we understand now that the acting director of the c.i.a. will testify instead of patraeus. >> scandal has led to several resignations in the british broadcasting corporation. it announced the news chief and her deputy have stepped aside after the resignation of the former director general after a bbc news program bungled how children were abused. he will get more than a $700,000 payoff. the chairman of the house of commons committee said he was surprised by the settlement and now wants an official explanation. >> you can call this perfect timing as we observe veterans day. a statue of the marine corps's most decorated member will be decorate decorate -- dedicated it is lewis burwell chesty puller. the world war ii and korean war
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veteran was awarded five navy crosses. >> a ceremony will be held this morning at the d.c. war memorial to honor d.c. veterans. eleanor holmes norton is pushing for a measure to require the armed forces to display the d.c. flag when the flags of the 50 states are displayed. she is not happy when the navy didn't raise the d.c. flag. >> montgomery county firefighters looking into what caused a fire that destroyed a home in dickerson. they posted pictures like this on twitter showing the house engulfed in flames. it was in the 21000 black of bealsville road. opening statements expected tomorrow in the trial of a bowie state student accused of killing her roommate charged with murder in their dorm room last year. prosecutors say simpson stabbed
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her after an argument over music. her attorneys claim she acted in self-defense. it is 5:07 and 53 degrees. >> much more to come. we will give you a new way to wake up in the morning. you can sign up for our free iphone app. congress has a lot on their plate. we will look at the showdown over the so-called
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>> we want to make your mornings easier. we have a new alarm clock iphone app. it has the latest news weather, traffic and you personalized abc 7 alarm tone from some of us here. kris van cleave shows how it works. >> a lot of us wake up to our phone blaring something like this. but here at abc 7 we will make your wake-up better with the abc 7 alarm clock. when you set this alarm you can choose from all those noises you probably dread early in the morning, or you can wake up to maybe something a little better like steve chenevey. >> buzz buzz buzz it is time to get up. >> or alison starling. >> rise and shine. >> it is five of your favorite
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abc 7 faces but it does more. up here is the weather right now, the weather the next seven days and you can get it hour by hour or live doppler radar. we even have a video forecast down here. >> we will start the weekend early because it will be worth it. >> we also have all the news you missed while sleeping right here. more headlines to read so you know what has been going on. this is really important. to get the app go to if you have the i was phone it will direct you how to get the appear -- app so we hope to make it easier for you to say "good morning, washington." >> good morning, sleepy head. let's rise and shine. >> to get the app go to and that is where you will be able to download it for free. >> buzz buzz buzz. 5:12 and we have the forecast.
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>> it is so great. what a beautiful weekend we had and it will go right into the workweek but we have changes. clouds are moving in, rain is moving in. we will go to storm chaser 7 with adam caskey. >> good morning. clouds moving in a beautiful morning but we have a good amount of stars but clouds will be pushing in the rest of the day. we will have rain later tonight and lingering into tomorrow morning. mild start, 48 degrees at storm chaser. comfortable relative to what we can see this time of year and what we have been feeling the last couple of weeks. 49 at dulles airport, 43 martinsburg martinsburg, 54 in winchester 60 in petersburg west virginia. lexington park is 55. increasing clouds areas of rain. i think west of the blue ridge and shenandoah after sunset.
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then showers this evening in the metro area and tomorrow morning we could have a few lingering showers. warm today, high 60's to near 70. we will see changes over the next couple of days cooler air moving in to town. that is the latest here from just outside the marine corps memorial. we are set up to get a buffalopwuflbuffalo -- beautiful view. now to steve for the traffic. can't call in a commuting a federal holiday. >> 14th street bridge hardly any vehicles. that means the way up 95 and 395. and the h.o.v. restrictions are lifted on the virginia interstate and probably 270 also but they have not confirmed that. route 15 maryland they always stay in effect. southbound lanes of 270 here we are 109 hyattstown looks pretty
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good with late traffic. down to the divide that is looking good. we will look at springfield where everything is moving smoothly in the main lanes and h.o.v.'s. hardly any commute so far. that is good and incident free. we had the report southbound 395 at duke street on the right side of the road out of camera range but it is coming up at speed. back to you. >> it is 5:14 rye in and out and looking -- right now and what a rough weekend for nfl quarterbacks. that is one of the bigger hits. learn which stars had to leave a game with
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>> we want to get to the live desk following a story with the british royals. >> this story is coming from new zealand tv. reported that a 74-year-old man was arrested just a short time ago moments before britain's prince charles and camilla arrived there to meet thousands of people. this is a picture of them. they are in town for a diamond jubilee fund-raiser and other public appearances. the man is described as a 74-year-old antiroyalist who was arrested after he was allegedly captured on camera prepared to
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commit an assault on them. they say he has been arrested and he is due to appear in court tomorrow. we will follow this and new updates. back to you. >> on the hill congress returns tomorrow for what will be one of the most difficult lame duck sessions ever faced. lawmakers have until december 31 to reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. if a deal is not reached, massive tax increases and spending cuts will take effect. experts say that could spark another recession. congress and the white house remain miles apart on fundamental issues at this point. >> als you -- as you saw, jacqui is back. >> clouds will be moving in this afternoon and we have changes. it is the last mild day. what beautiful weekend it was. highs in the 70's yesterday. but don't expect that today.
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it will be much cooler by tomorrow. you can see skies for the most part are clear up and down the eastern seaboard. but you can see thickening clouds just off to the west moving in across parts of west virginia and western maryland. they will arrive here by there afternoon but showers will hold off until later tonight. there's been a little patchy fog trying to develop toward the bay. visibility down it two miles at b.w.i., five miles at indianapolis. it is two miles or less that will restrict you a little bit. no advisories but use caution if you are driving in the outlying and low-lying areas. 49 at dulles 45 in gaithersburg. manassas 41 culpeper 43, really not bad to start this morning. but look at temperatures across the west. doesn't take a meteorologist to figure out where the cold front is. 20 in minneapolis, 34 in
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chicago. we are dealing with 50's ahead of that front and we will take the big plunge once this crosses through. but today we will enjoy the benefit of high pressure to keep us warm. the rain will arrive overnight and you can see a look into the future. that should last through the morning hours tomorrow but afternoon or by 2:00 that will pull out and we will clear out and bring you more sunshine. the forecast patchy fog giving way to increasing cloudiness. the high 65 to 70 degrees. tonight expect cloudy skies with showers, 45 to 50. a look at the seven-day forecast showers last through tuesday morning and clearing out and temps back down into the lower 50's for highs. let's check on traffic now with steve. >> because it is veterans day lighter than usual volume. 109 you see a little volume clustering south of the exit but after that it is good all the
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way to the lane divide on the inner loop or outer loop. the beltway new hampshire avenue where the cones are on the side of the road. everything is open on the outer loop on new hampshire avenue. that construction is gone. you see the cones but no delay. lighter than usual in maryland. over it springfield and no issues. h.o.v. restrictions limited on 95 395, 66 toll road and 270 but not route 50 in maryland. back to you. >> apple has made peace in at least one of the patent institutes but not with samsung. we have the details. >> apple settles a patent dispute signing a 10-year licensing agreements. both companies say they can concentrate on model development. analyze analysts say it shows a change
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in attitude. pregnant women who use cell phones may be harming the health of babies. a yale study found offspring of mice were more hyperacted with cell phones. halo 4 is the latest in the series. one of the best selling franchises of all time. the game lives up to its legacy reportedly. >> we do a very nice job of putting together a highly playable and fun game that may not be the most original thing but if you are a fan of sci-fi shoot them up action games you will have fun with it. >> it is available for the x box 360. >> name your price resume shoals you a range of coverages and you
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mommy! i went potty! that's great, honey.... where? for life's bleachable moments.
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>> this is tough. tonight was my first rep since the season started. >> he got it done. former redskins jason campbell speaking out after the bears lost but he had a decent day. he was called on to replace jay
5:26 am
kurt her who went out with a concussion. >> michael vick also suffered a concussion in his team's loss to the cowboys. earlier in the evening d.c. united lost to houston dinah mow. lakers have hired mike d'antoni as their new coach. buffalo bills fans thinks three extra text messages is worth suing the team. he reportedly suing after signing up to receive texts. it said they would send three and five but the bills went far beyond that sending him six one week and then seven in the middle of october. the fan is seeking $500 per excessive text for negligence violation and up to $1,500. >> 5:26 right now and we are looking at 51 degrees. we continue at 5:30. >> we are live in columbia, maryland, with the latest on the
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search for the gunman for
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>> straight ahead a man tasked with handling some of the nation's biggest secrets lost his job over a secret of his own an extramarital affair. we are learning more about the second woman involved in the scandal with david patraeus. it is monday november 12. thanks for starting with us. >> let's get to the forecast with jacqui jeras. >> good monday everybody. not bad start. we had a great weekend and today will stay mild.
5:31 am
not as good as yesterday but still pretty close. 50 at reagan 49 dulles 45 in gaithersburg and 43 with a little fog at b.w.i. 43 in martinsburg with 54 in winchester. 49 in arlington, waldorf 50. 49 in will plate that. -- laplata. we will be in the 50's by 9 a.m. and 66 by 5:00. rain rivers tonight. -- rain arrives tonight. now to traffic. >> we will look at the map. we had an incident on the inner loop in maryland southbound 95 and 495 near kenilworth avenue. a trailer got separated from the vehicle towing it. the activity is not blocking anything on the inner loop. however it is only on the shoulder and with light volume there really is no delay.
5:32 am
you will see the flashing lights and activity but you may want to stay to the left in case they need to black block the right lane. over to the american legion bridge and things moving pretty smoothly on the inner and outer loops between maryland and virginia. springfield and that is also a good right with the h.o.v. lanes open to all because of the veterans day holiday. 66 toll road and 270 good. back to you. >> it is 5:32 and our top story, new twists in the scandal involving david patraeus. >> last week away learned about his biographer who was his mistress and now new details about a second woman involved in the f.b.i. investigation that led to the revelation. we have a report from the hill where many lawmakers are questioning the scandal. >> a lot of questions and what is next what people on capitol
5:33 am
hill are trying to figure out as we get new information about the resignation of david patraeus. this comes out over the past 24 hours. patraeus left his post last week after talking to the president about this and after learning about news that he had an affair reportedly with his biographer paula broadwell. new information shows the f.b.i. had been looking into broadwell for sending allegedly threatening e-mails to a family friend of patraeus. members of congress now say they want to know more information about all of this and they want more into the investigation and why more wasn't known. >> it just doesn't add up that the f.b.i. would be carrying on this type of investigation without bringing it to the president or highest levels of the white house. >> apparently a lot of questions from a number of members of congress wanting to know about the time line and what information was and wasn't
5:34 am
known, all in the same week there will be questions on the hill surrounding the attack in libya. we know that patraeus was expected to testify and we now understand that the interim acting director will be the one to testify instead. >> let's turn to a developing story in columbia maryland. police are searching for a gunman behind the shooting of a taco bell manager sunday morning outside the restaurant on minutes strel -- minstrel way. >> the manager is still fighting for his legislative. he was flown to baltimore shock trauma in critical condition. he is the manager at this taco bell but he was shot just a few feet away walking back from this exxon sunday morning. police don't have a motive. police say two men ambushed him and opened fire shooting him multiple times. he was able to get back in the
5:35 am
taco bell when it employees called for help. >> it is unbelievable. i don't know what reason they did it. >> the drive-through is open until 4:00 in the morning and the shooting was a few hours before. the manager had run next door to the gas station it buy something and was on the way back when the two men attacked him. nearby businesses are telling late shift workers to be extra cautious. >> if you are working alone, we advise to the paoepleople to not come out when you are working alone. >> in this quiet suburb it has some unnerved. >> i live in columbia and i have been here 20-some years. things don't happen like that. i don't understand what is going on. >> this county howard only sees about two or three homicides a year. hopefully this what about the next. police are investigating this morning and looking at surveillance cameras in the
5:36 am
shopping center to see if they can figure out what happened. >> checking news around montgomery county, the school superintendent will deliver his first state of the schools address this morning. the public is invited to hear the speech. that will start in about three hours. the theme is building the future together. >> abc 7 wants to make your mornings easier. we have a free new abc 7 alarm clock iphone app. it has the latest news weather, traffic and personalized alarm tones from cynne' and myself and a few others. go to and you can download this app free. >> 5:36 right now and 51 degrees. >> seven on your side with an effort to draw more attention to kidney disease. how two friends hope their [ female
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announcer ] it's deliciously dark just before dawn. it's a rainy morning becoming a caramel drizzle. with folgers gourmet selections you can turn any day gourmet. new roasts, new flavors and a new look.
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>> meet the military working dog at fort myer virginia. >> "good morning, washington".." >> "good morning, washington." i'm jacqui jeras on this veterans day. thank you for serving to all those vets and it will shape up to be a nice day weatherwise.
5:40 am
50 degrees right now at reagan national and it is that time where we ask ourselves where is adam caskey. he is out in storm chaser 7 with t-shirts. >> we are not far from the iwo jima memorial marine corps and we are overlooking a beautiful shot of the nation's capital. it is warm. 50 at reagan national. we are 49 here at the storm chaser. let's look at some other areawide temperatures. then we will talk about the forecast the rest of the day. look at some of the numbers. we are in the 40's and 50's. 57 in hagerstown 54 within westchester. 45 quantico. lexington park 55. the average morning low is about 42 so normally we would be closer to 40 and even 30's in a few spots. not today. another mild one. yesterday we reached 71 at
5:41 am
reagan national. today i think it will be pretty similar. a good amount of sunshine but increasing clouds will lead to areas of rain. even tomorrow morning during the early part of the commute we could have some areas of rain. we will have a beautiful shot of the sunrise at about 6:45 a.m. there is a look at the federal city. we will go now to steve with traffic. >> we will look at 395 near duke street. we had an earlier accident southbound on 395 and that was cleared and everything is open. it didn't cause a delay. main lanes and h.o.v. lanes moving nicely without incident. h.o.v. restrictions lifted all around the region except route 5 50 in maryland. near 109 usually slow by there time but today better than usual, a little volume but not
5:42 am
enough to slow down. we are good down 270. we will head over to the map and show you where there was an incident on the inner loop of the beltway near kenilworth avenue. a trailer separated from the bus pulling it and flipped over. activity is on the shorpld and there is no -- shoulder and no backup. you will see the flashing lights getting persistast route 1. >> today is a federal holiday and there are a few things you should be aware of if you plan to ride metro. it is open from 5:00 a.m. until midnight but trains are on the saturday schedule. track work is being done on parts of the orange, red and green lines. off-paebg fares are in effect and parking free. buses operating on a saturday schedule with additional trips on certain routes. >> it is 53 degrees. coming up we have new details in a deadly explosion that leveled
5:43 am
a neighborhood in indianapolis. learn what has been ruled as the
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>> an important anniversary is being commemorated. the 30th anniversary of the dedication of 9 vietnam wall. it has been the vocal upon the of feel emotions and tonight we will meet volunteers who tell us why that wall touches their lives so much. join us at 5:00. >> we will do that. right now we hope you join us at 6:00 this morning. in 14 minutes on "good morning, washington" we will show you the record setting sugary treat that stretches nearly one mile. >> find out why some of the worse hit victims of sandy are beginning to feel like they are in a fish bowl and how a local company is giving back by serving our nation's war veterans. that is all new at 6:00. >> now nato says another service
5:47 am
member was killed in an insider attack in afghanistan. officials say the gunman wearing an afghan army uniform shod and killed the service member in the southern part of the country. the member's identity and nationality not disclosed. more than 60 service members have died in insider attack this is year. there is more chilling testimony at a preliminary hearing for the soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians this year. he watched as child after child described the rampage that left their parents and others dead. a military judge is expected to decide soon if he should be court court-martialed. >> new details about a massive explosion that damaged dozens of homes in an indianapolis neighborhood. federal investigators have ruled out a bomb or a meth lab.
5:48 am
about 80 homes were killed more than 30 may have to be bulldozed. it caused more than dauer 3.5 million in damage. unclear what triggered it. >> 7 on your side with a closer look at the danger of kidney disease. recent figures show that tens of thousands of patients are waiting for transplants. one-third are army. we see how two friends are trying to draw more attention to this issue. >> this person is living a metal happy life. a month ago he became the father of twins. but just a few years ago he was in the healthy enough to play with his kids suffering from kidney disease and on dialysis three days a week. in december of 2009 a life saver named bill livingston stepped in. he didn't know him but donated life as his bracelet reminds him in hopes of helping anyone. they were a match and were part
5:49 am
of this transplant surgery. >> it is not so much what i did but what hopefully other people might be inspired to think about doing. >> according to recent numbers there is nearly 92,000 people waiting for a kidney and a third of them are african-american. in 2011 there were 5,771 living donor transplants performed but only 813 of them were received by rafaels. >> the same reasons that you have a high incidence of need for kidneys in certain phaeurpbt populations means that the donor pool becomes less because a lot of those same problems that cause the kidney problems would stop those people medically from being concerns. >> the problem is the culture and we are learning more about
5:50 am
who could be at risk. according to the american journal of kidney stkaezs sitting long periods of time could be linked to the disease. now the two friends who are grateful to one another are doing all they can to get others to see if they can help save a life. >> the thing that is incredible about this is the amount of good that can be done for such a limited effort. >> i was lake -- it was like new life that came to me. >> to learn more about how you can be a donor log on to >> it is 5:50 and some disturbing news out of sesame street. >> this story we are seeing on report that a baltimore native the man here who is known as the voice of elmo has taken
5:51 am
leave of absence from the show in the wake of allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a juvenile. tmz says he denies the claims. the website is reporting that sesame street lawyers have met with a 23-year-old man who claims he and the man began a relationship seven years ago. he said that he acknowledges the relationship with the young machine but says it only took place after the accuser was an adult. ses me street workshop officials tell tmz they conducted their own investigation. right now they say it is unclear why he wanted the left of absence. we are keeping a very close eye on this and any new details we will pass them along. >> we appreciate that report. more americans than ever are on food stamps. will it be cheaper to fly home for thanksgiving or christmas? here is linda bell with bloomberg in new york. >> good morning.
5:52 am
maybe you are among the people who want it fly home for the holidays but can't afford -- or can only afford thanksgiving or christmas but not both. it may be cheaper to get the classic turkey stuffing and all the trim gts. price line sails the average for turkey day is about the same as a year ago. but if you fly home around christmas or new year's eve it will cost 3% more from last year. the number of americans on food stamps is at a record high. as of august more than 47 million americans receive them as jobless levels remain high. also because of hurricane sandy the number of recipients may increase further. look heed martin is getting a new leader in january. the next c. efplte.o. will be marilyn houston. working her way to the top of the mostly male world. the married mother of two has served in many leadership positions at lockheed and the company says the person in line
5:53 am
resigned after the company discovered he has a lengthy close and perform relationship with a subordinate. that is business news live at bloomberg headquarters in new york linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> let's check in with jacqui. loving your new i-phone app? >> i'm using the one to get you up. >> you left that on the cutting room floor. >> that is probably a good thing, me singing. you can hear steve say buzz buzz, buzz kind of like that. if that doesn't get you going i don't know what will. how about this great weather? what a wonderful weekend we had and that is spilling over national workweek. today this is the final mild day we will see in quite a while. 50 to wake you up. we will be lucky to see 50 for highs later this week.
5:54 am
48 at dulles 39 manassas. 43 in martinsburg. 50 in frederick. annapolis at 53 and yesterday we hit 7 11. that sounds so good. the average is 59 degrees so way above the average. today we will top the average. we have clear skies for the most start a hreullittle fog in the outlying areas but clouds increase from the west throughout the day. you see a strong cold front from the great lakes to the gulf coast and huge difference in temperatures. look at the temperature in minnesota, 19 20 in minneapolis and 34 in chicago. we have 50's in the east. even charleston 64 at this time. we will have a plunge in the temperatures. enjoy the warmth ahead of it. that is for today.
5:55 am
clouds this evening and a stray shower but the big show overnight the best chance of rain in early tuesday morning. we will cool down and clear it out by tuesday afternoon. here is the forecast for today. a little patchy fog, otherwise sunshine this morning giving away to increasing cloudiness and nice and mild 65 to 70. tonight cloudy skies with showers. 45 to 50 degrees and the seven-day forecast fathering the showers in the morning -- featuring showers in the morning and look at that high. i couldn't bear to put a 49 on there but i should have. middle 35050's by the middle of the week. it is a holiday. hopefully slow. >> it is pretty good. 270 and 109 a little bit of volume past the exit for 109 but just north of here out of frederick county there was report of an accident near route 80 where a vehicle struck deer.
5:56 am
you want to be very careful with that. over to springfield interchange and we are seeing traffic moving pretty nicely. some volume on 95 northbound in the main lanes over toward springfield but no significant backups with the lighter volume of traffic and no h.o.v. restrictions on 95 395, 66 toll road or 270. over to dulles right now toll road near 28 very light traffic. all the way to the main toll plaza and beltway everything is open. >> it is 5:56. still to come a bombshell for believers. it appears justin bieber is back on the market. what he says about h ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ [ girl ] dear santa... ♪ ♪ dear santa i want a ballerina tutu, a pink bike, a unicorn night-ght... [ female announcer ] this year bring their wish list to life. [ girl ] ...princess doll, markers...
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>> coming up on "katie" -- judge judy -- smart, savvy, but does to run her real life as in the court room? today at 4:00 p.m.. >> i am going to vote yes. >> singer justin bieber appears to have split from his long term growth trend selena gamez. >> he was asked about the breakup and he did not confirm nor deny

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